Josh Raymond Exhibitions Editions are short print editions of work that has been exhibited previously and often forms part of a series of images or larger body of work.


Josh Raymond Studio Editions are produced especially by the studio and made available through joshraymond.com only.


All Neon is hand-bent in Sydney, NSW or Brisbane, QLD. Each Neon Edition is shipped with transformer, cabling and all required mountings suitable for a wall-based installation. Contact us for bespoke mounting solutions.


All water-jet cut Aluminium sculptures are made to order and hand-finished by the Studio.


Framing and mounting is just as important as the print quality itself. Not only does it enhance and support the viewing but is critical to the life of a photographic print.

If you are outside of Australia then we recommend your print to be dry mounted to Allupanel, Gatorboard or similar acid-free backing. For framing we recommend a museum style box-frame with UV perspex or glass in white, black or a neural timber moulding.


Testing of prints on specialty photo & fine art media displayed indoors under glass indicates light stability of up to 100 years for colour and 200 years for B&W. If prints are treated and stored appropriately then light stability can be increased to 300 years or longer. Care for them and they will outlive you! Unfortunately light is the enemy. Avoid strong or direct sunlight.

Actual stability will vary according to the media, image, surface treatment, display conditions, light intensity, humidity and atmospheric conditions. No warranty or guarantee on the longevity of prints is provided.


All Print Editions are hand proofed and printed in Sydney. All prints are made on an Epson 11880 Large Format Printer.

Why do you call them pigment prints?
It's true pigment prints are just another name for an inkject print. However, pigment based ink is longer lasting and has a larger gamut (more colours.)

Shouldn't I be getting a Giclée print?
It's just a french name. And just an inkjet print.

Why don't you offer cheaper Digital C-Types?
Because they're unremarkable. I'm interested in quality and longevity. In the tradition of darkroom photographic printing.

Do you print on Canvas?
I only use Hahnemühle or Museo papers and these are selected and tailored for each print. We only use 100% cotton based archival paper that holds the best quality inks.

Founded in 1584 Hahnemühle are the oldest German papermakers. Great tradition, great papers!

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